Sunday, 17 March 2013

Primal Scream - 2013

"We're angrier than we've ever been about the way this country's going," says Gillespie. "Our kids are going
to grow up into a really bad place."

Primal Scream are clearly not a folk music band. They are not know for their lyricism or finger-style guitar playing but they are known as a politically aware band. Their latest album continues in this vein of shining a mirror to contemporary life. The first single from More Light, 2013, sets out their discontent with modern culture ("Every generation buys the lie, just like the one before") in a style that doesn't so much get off the fence as take a chainsaw to it (Guardian Review).

Bobby Gillespie also told the Guardian that he thinks that the younger bands just don't get what music is for - "We always saw music as some kind of revolutionary force," he says. "People can laugh at that all they like but we saw it as fucking psychic resistance.".."We're living in extreme times and if you listened to modern rock music you wouldn't know that," says Gillespie. "I just think it's odd there's no protest, resistance or critique of what's going down. It's like people are tranquilised. All the rights people had fought for – people like trade unionists, anarchists, artists – are being clawed back by extremists. These people [in charge] aren't rational thinkers. Someone like Boris Johnson hides behind that bumbling public schoolboy image but he's a sinister right-wing cunt trying to bring in anti-strike legislation … we've got to fight these fucking people!"

I haven't bought a Primal Scream album since Riot City Blues but I might check this out. 

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