Monday, 17 June 2013

Chris Wood - None the Wiser

Chris Wood's song None the Wiser is an extremely thoughful and thought provoking song and is part of a tremendous album of the same name.  
"The argos catalogue is our tormentor" ...
"I just had my montly meet with the job club supervisor, I was none the wiser"...
"while in the five star saunas of the hotel trip advisor, its just business, business, business, its always none the wiser"
and my favourite
"in the bowels of the Bank of England they are sacrificing chickens to a god they call 'quantitative easing' "

In March 2013 Chris Wood said this about the making of his latest album "While this musical journey was going on, Britain was sinking deeper into recession. From radio and television studios our political and fiscal masters were insisting we should continue to listen to them, to take seriously their initiatives and their projections while out in the streets our personal experience was, and remains, in gritty contradiction to their rhetoric.

I believe we are on our own. I believe all we really have is ourselves and what we make, and, the most precious of what we make lies in our connection to each other. They have not found a way of taxing what flows between us and our loved ones." -
Gritty, acerbic and at times grumpy the whole album is a triumph.
I bought my copy from Bandcamp where you can directly support your favourite the songwriters making new music.

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